Sunday, 19 April 2009

OhOh2's man leather bags

Bought me a leather hole punch yesterday, starting to create musettes out of old racing leathers. A small man bag for essentials like keys, wallet, phone, D-lock, tobacco, zippo etc. Like when your just going for a short cruise or the movies or such and the messenger bag is overkill. Stay tuned.


the projectivist said...

you're fiddling with your banner again. nice. i like em all.

there's something very fanciable about a man who can make stuff, isn't there? take my word for it, there is. whether it's omelettes, toast, a bit of furniture or a new-from-old MANleatherBAG - it's all very sexy.

yeah. i saw what you did there with the bag title thingy.

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DoubleOhTwo said...

Well, from my perspective, I'm not sure about a man being more fanciable if he can make stuff, but it definitely increases my respect for them if they can. Crafty stuff, woodturning, metalsmithing etc. I have a huge amount of respect for a man that can make his own pasta (not opening a packet but mixing flour and water...) or cook a roast. If he is a vigneron or makes home brew also, well, that's just even better.

Ferping... I want word verification too!

How's the shop coming along?

the projectivist said...

i like a man who can work the word 'vigneron' into a sentence without sounding like a tosser. nice.


i swear your word verification is somehow set to 'double entendre'

work is going well - i think i've had one day off since easter. i forget. it's all blending into one at the moment. but in a good way. if that makes sense?