Tuesday, 22 September 2009

We're the renegades in this atomic age

How much do I want to get to TOUR de TROIS next year? Answer: Come on, let's go already! Images courtesy of singlestoph's Flickr set. Click the names of the shooters on the website for more galleries of TD3 2009.


Dan said...

Looks like a laugh, are you going to do it? Would be a great outing for the Conti

DoubleOhTwo said...

I'd love to, Dan, although we had a similar venture start up for one year in Beechworth, VIC... L' Eroica (Down Under). A similar concept, but over only a weekend. It's dropped off the radar, now, but it was such a good weekend!

How you holding up after that storm? Looks like it's going to hit us tomorrow!

Dan said...

going by the more recent post it sounds like you've received the storm already. Had some almighty thunder and rain here yesterday.
Had to shuffle some things around avoid the rain and pull the mudguard out again, but life continues!