Thursday, 15 October 2009

Go as a luxury pass on to the middle class

This has been an interesting campaign that's been running on the streets of Sydney for a few months now. JC Decaux bus shelters and press and now on a stand at Taylor Square promoting a sustainable Sydney. And with good reason too. I've given up recommending cycling as a viable form of transport to newbies as only a Fool would take on Sydney's traffic on a bicycle.

Well, not really. I've offered coming around to someone's house to pick them up and show them the safest and most efficient way of cycling to their destination um... numerous times. I'm not blowing my own trumpet, but there is definitely a safe Way of cycling in Sydney. I just cringe every time I see an (obviously) amateur rider embark on an optimistic exercise of riding to work on their brand new bike, and ending up riding with 60kph traffic on a main arterial in peak hour. No florescent yellow vest is going to help you in that situation.

There's a definite opportunity for ex-bike couriers and experienced cyclists to provide a teaching experience to enthusiastic Sydney cyclists. A suggestion for Sydney City Council, perhaps? If Clover Moore has the budget to employ a fancy graphic design studio to create great looking publicity then surely there is sufficient currency available for efficient safety cycling groups?

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