Tuesday, 16 February 2010

I'll come around and make peace, get down have a barbeque

My first 'real' MTB (after my GT Outpost Trail) was an Iron Horse MT400, similar in layout to this ARS 8.0, but in steel. Jesse from the Bike Bar sold it to me, stock, rigid, with an STR gruppo. Did pretty well in a couple of local cross country races on it, too. It actually inspired me, after college, to get a job as a bike courier so I could train for the Olympics and win gold for Australia. But Lordy, the ARS 8.0 was my DREAM BIKE. It was the bike I was going to do it on. But as any bike courier can testify, after a few years as a courier, well, you just don't need to race anymore. As we say in fencing, what's the point? Thanks Jesse.

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