Thursday, 4 March 2010

Winds dying down, it's so peaceful around, now that the storm is ending

This is what happens to carbon forks and a Fulcrum front wheel when a 4WD does an illegal u-turn over a double line in front of you when you're bombing down Walker Street at 40-50km/h. Not in picture: broken finger (right hand) now wrapped in wire which will need removing after 6 weeks requiring additional surgery, extensive gravel rash, severe bruising (purple style) and stretched ligaments in knee. Not to mention emotional trauma from destroying one loyal and faithful steed of many years. Poor Brad. Get better soon Jewelz.


yogi said...

holly shit, Get well soon Jewelz

ohh wow.

Dan said...

Ouch! As I scrolled down I got the sinking feeling that the bike seemed familiar. Poor Jewelz! Hope she's reasonably OK, give her my best.

Jewlz said...

Hi lovelies!

Thank you for my well wishes.

I've been incredibly fortunate - I know these accidents can be really serious. All you can do in moments like this is look in the face of adversity, and tell it to bugger off! :-D

Very excited my hand specialist has said today I'm healing incredibly well, and my plaster is already off my hand, and now I just have a big metal splint! :-D

Don't worry - I'll be back on a new trusty steed before you know it!

Much love,
Jewlz xo