Friday, 30 April 2010

AA Ciclos likes it raw

WOW! Dream steed! Rat as! Brand new frame, fresh from the torch of AA Ciclos in Madrid. Raw steel has always been a favourite finish of mine, and this frame will look grand with a fresh coat of powder I'm sure. But as it stands this is one of the freshest builds I've seen for a long time. Check on the AA Ciclos Blog for more, even if you can't read Iberian!

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Andres said...

Thank you guys for your comments!
We are working hard in order to do things better.

sorry for not a clue in english, we have it mind, but actually we spend more in the workshop than on the computer (ok, beers take a lot of time also, especially "Mahou"...).
But promise we´ll work on it, we are really interested in get feedback an opinions from riders.

up to this point, and i think the most interesting thing, is that we are building custom frame and fork sets just for the price of materials.

Best regards for you all from Noviciado,