Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I drive on her streets 'cause she's my companion

I noticed on one of my favourite blogs, Le Pista Resistance, that Clarence Street Cyclery, one of Sydney's longest running bike shops, has opened a women's specific store. Located right next door to the original shop at 104 Clarence Street, the women's store has an extensive and varied range of bikes and accessories for the discerning female rider. Not only that, but well-loved London design studio, I Love Dust, has created a mural for the counter and back wall. You will recognise their work from the covers of The Ride Journal and collaborations with Tokyo Fixed Gear.
This is a smart move by Clarence Street Cyclery to open what will be a valuable resource for women who want to get into riding but aren't sure about how to do so. The all-girl staff include professional cyclist Jenny Fay (check out her blog), and will be able to offer whatever advice is required.
Whether you're wanting to get into cycling for the first time or are an experienced rider, this store has everything you need to get you out there and looking good whilst doing so. As I've always maintained: look good, ride good!

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yogi said...

is this to keep girls outa da guys store?

Bout time.