Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I'm here alone on the telephone line, I'm right where you want me to be

I've always loved Walnut Studio's work, this tall-boy holder is well designed and very robust. Pity the tall-boy isn't a standard size in Australia. I may have to fabricate a longneck holder...


Dan said...

very cool!
I find myself with the urge to comment on every second post on here, but i resist (for reasons unknown)
Anyway, keep it up. always refreshing to read your stuff, especially when I don't really have to time to hunt and post myself

Dan said...

oh yeah, I was out-bid on an On One Inbred the other day.
I'm about to go try to find something similar out the back of some local shop or another but if you know of anyone hoarding a similar steel mtb frame/fork let me know. I'm on the hunt, have very small budget and even less time!