Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Kicking ass in the class and they tell me you're a damn disgrace

Saw Yogi at Martin Place, in his KyotoLoco outfit. It's a real pity about that Skidstar frame but I much prefer this setup. What frame is it Yogi? Don't say it's the F. Moser!!!

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yogi said...

no the FMoser sits comfortably on the wall shunning me for lack of use.

What am I riding
A friend calls it "Rough Diamond"
it is original pain and has original custom sponsored paint job that is so ... well not good that the frame is now being protected by stickers

from the site

Whitaker and Mapplebeck (Cycles) ltd have been established for 61 years. Started by Johnny Mapplebeck and Geoff Whitaker after the Second World War in 1946, who were looking to develop a business in their favourite hobby, cycling.

They found premises on Ingleby Road and developed a thriving business specialising in making their own Pennine framesets.

I also contacted pennine to check the bikes authenticity.
the lighthouses painted on the eat stays where painted by then frame builders wife. This frame was give to the French Team in the 60's and still has the national colours painted on the seat tube and head.

I did infact ride this bike in KyotoLOCO and Tokyo CMWC.