Tuesday, 29 June 2010

When the mountains crumble into the sea, that's the day someone'll come

My love for waxed cotton as an alternative to de rigueur materials like Cordura has been well documented. And my spine is beginning to hate my prolonged use of messenger bags for so many years. Maybe it's just that my taste in portage options is becoming more refined in my elder years. Anyway I came across this waxed cotton backpack on Design You Trust and had what alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity. Brilliant. Made by Frost River, this is the Old No. 7 pack and has the level of construction which I'd expect of Frost River: solid, essential and reliable. "You might as well put this classic style box in your will since it almost certainly will outlast you" claims the preamble. I'm sold, order's in. More info and pricing on the Frost River site!

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