Friday, 16 July 2010

I got the wandering eye

The DoubleOhTwo shop is now online!

The first product is the Rugged Wallet... Contact me for personalised customisation.
While searching for a wallet that was solid, reliable, well-designed, unpretentious and reliable, I decided to design my own. This wallet consists of a pocket for notes (fits up to an Australian $100 bill – 250x90mm flat), a pocket for cards (room for up to 10 cards) and a pocket for coins. I can create a custom layout according to your personal preference. Each panel colour and stitching colour is customisable. You choose. Contact me for details.
This wallet will mold to your pocket and will develop a lovely aged patina with use.
Wallets have a lifetime guarantee. Constructed from thick saddlery hide and kangaroo lace, this wallet will last a lifetime and provide a secure location for your funds.

Stay tuned for more products coming soon. Tshirts, original artworks, leather bike accessories, cuffs and the odd skate deck.

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placid casual said...

finally got round to telling you that this is a most excellent blog.
i particularly like using lyrics for titles and have stolen the idea for my blog - whatever is playing at the time i write it becomes the title.
sometime it fits...

i'm sure i must've used a fat freddy lyric at some point...