Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Sydney Cycleways Support Rally tonight Town Hall 6pm BE THERE!

Just to prove that Sydney is no slouch when it comes to bicycle advocacy, at 6.00pm tonight at Town Hall there will be a rally to support the City of Sydney's Cycleways program. Unfortunately, Sydney is an anomaly when it comes to bicycle infrastructure. It's very hilly, and the roads were originally created for horses and carts – very narrow and lack the ability to be modified to cater for a cycle lane. Which is one of the reasons talkback radio host Alan Jones's nose is out of joint. He is simultaneously conducting a rally at Town Hall at 6.00pm to block the Sydney Cycleways project. Have a look at 2GB's website for an idea of what Sydney Cyclists are up against. I'm sure there'll be heated debate and lots of flashing lights and florescent yellow but it's important to be present and demonstrate that we are not a minority group. What Sydney really needs is education, in order to raise bicycle access to the level of other international cities... like Melbourne. Here's the Facebook page for the event!
You can also show your support by grabbing one of these shirts at the Three Point Turnz online shop! Thanks for the tip Candy Cranks!


b. taylor said...

Interested in how this turns out. I saw mention of this over at Candy Cranks. Glad to see it here too. Those T-shirts are much more constructive than my typical 'f-u' response to people like Alan Jones. Well done!

Busyman said...

Looks like a battle against a whole lot of ignorant and stupid people. Keep up the fight cyclist of Sydney.