Monday, 18 October 2010

The Face Hunter does Helsinki

...and this is how they roll! Love the foldies!


Anonymous said...

Hi there, this isn't exactly a comment but I couldn't figure out how else to message you. I just came across your blog while googling Tom Pande's knitted bike - last seen in Look Mum No favourite biking cafe in London. Then I started scrolling and thought - you might be interested in a series of videos I've been working on - a sort of Satorialist-take on cyclists in London. Hope you like them & don't mind my letting you know. Cheers, Rachael :-)

DoubleOhTwo said...

Hi Rachael! Thanks so much for sending that through! Great work! I posted a link on my other blog's Facebook page and I'll do a post on Freewheelers on doubleohtwo today. Thanks again! Adam