Friday, 14 January 2011

And by the way... HAPPY FRIDAY!

Taylor Mccutchan is a great photographer from Sunny Cali.


ultradawn said...

hey found your blog and love your postings... what does your logo mean, "white flesh"? in the us white meat seams to be the preferred form of chickens for eating... but is "white flesh" some sort of aussie-ism we don't know about here?

DoubleOhTwo said...

thanks ultradawn! I actually based this logo on one of those little stickers growers stick on their apples and pears and such — don't know if they do that in the US — it defines whether it's a granny smith or red delicious or suchlike. in this case it was on a type of peach that has 'White Flesh', I changed out the name and the number but left the 'White Flesh' bit on there!

Thanks for reading!