Tuesday, 7 April 2009


How rad is this??? Natas does Kazane. How does it roll BACKWARD? Thanks Tracko!


the projectivist said...

do you think there'll come a time when the word 'rad' will be banned? or should the people who were around at the rad inception be allowed to say it for all time? are the GenY's allowed to say it?

let's not allow the GenY's to say it, they're spoiled enough as it is.

sorry. i think i've just come over to annoy you with my 11.30pm thoughts, which are similar to those thoughts you get at 3.30pm. best kept to yourself.

DoubleOhTwo said...

No, 'RAD' will be around for longer than we will be. It has outlived 'tubular' and 'stoked' and even 'gross'. 'RAD' will never die. And, I agree, if you used 'RAD' when 'RAD' was 'RAD' then you are entitled to use 'RAD' with complete integrity for all time.

Gen Y's have their own language. And they can keep it. They are the cockroaches of culture, creating nothing new but rehashing that which has gone before, only mixing it with their own spittle.

3.30pm??? You should get me at 12.30pm!!!

the projectivist said...

jeebus that's funny!

i guess i'd better get ready for work, but just wanted to tell you that your comment has given me my first smile of the day.
i hope your day is lovely too.

plus my word verification is:

here is an example of it's usage:

"So how was that party over at Chikko's place on the weekend? Did you meet anyone?"

"Yeah, i did. Some girl called, Chanel. Like the perfume. Only she was a right mingstr and i had to ditch her after i saw her doing The Robot."

thank me later.

DoubleOhTwo said...

Did you just make that up?

That whole comment made me smile, inside and out.

Thank you!

the projectivist said...

yeah. i made it up just for you.
here's hoping you don't meet any mingstr's in Melbourne over easter!

DoubleOhTwo said...

Let's hope not. From previous experience, however, I can attest to the fact that the ratio of mingstrs to whatever the opposite of a mingstr is, is very low. And most non-mingstrs down there ride bicycles, too. Very healthy city, our Melbourne.