Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Picking up where we left off

When I see well-designed pieces of bicycle inspired apparel like this I no longer despair for the future of bicycle culture. Always a sucker for waxed cotton, The Zugster Backpack has made my day. More images here. Via Prolly.


the projectivist said...

looks like moleskin, huh?

where do you stand on the word, Manbag? have you written a post about that? do you own a satchel? i'm pro satchel. you've gotta love a man with a satchel.

DoubleOhTwo said...

I leave social commentary up to professionals, like yourself. Manbag? I'll never wear one. But I am working on some designs of musettes made from recycled leather. Musettes are the small feedbags handed out to riders on the Tour de France containg muesli bars and drink bottles. Normally made from calico. But they are the perfect item for carrying essentials to the pub or to the movies. Phone, tobacco, lighter, wallet (or purse) etc. When the Back Pack would be overkill...

Moleskin is a heavy cotton. This is waxed cotton, a heavy drill cotton that has been impregnated with melted wax, giving it a waterproof quality and a delicious earthy smell. Moleskin belongs on the ass of men (and women) that work the land. Waxed cotton belongs on the backs of men (and women) that ride vintage motorcycles. Actually, Drizabones are made from waxed cotton also. So the men (and women) that work the land can wear waxed cotton as well.

That was social commentary, wasn't it? Oh dear.

Ban not 'RAD', but 'MANBAG"

the projectivist said...

i sell moleskin notebooks at work, they have a lovely suede-y slash leathery feel to them, but i see what you mean, nothing like that Drizabone fabric.

i know which i'd rather feel on my arse. not a moleskin notebook because that would just be wierd. although i do like them A LOT.

DoubleOhTwo said...

So which would you rather? Moleskin or waxed cotton?

the projectivist said...

against my skin? moleskin
protection from the elements? waxed cotton.

waxed cotton panties?
ummmm no.

DoubleOhTwo said...

I concur, but a bit of research has shewn that there's quite a few very kinky British who would beg to differ.