Saturday, 4 April 2009

Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers

This could very well be my longest ever post, but only in an effort to try and portray the overload of visual imagery I experienced this morning as I entered the upstairs stockpile of Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers. I simultaneously felt like I was standing in a vintage fashion warehouse where the cast-off clothes of a thousand bikes were hanging, and inside a morgue or abattoir, surrounded by their dissected steel and alloy internals. On the kind invitation of Dan, I met Jay, the owner, who knows the exact location of his entire inventory, and who very graciously let me shoot these images. Man, you could build up one hell of a Gundam suit with all those parts, or MANY killer streetfighters. If you need any hard to find part or have a crazy concept for a completely insane bike give these guys a call.

Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers
23 Euston Rd
Alexandria, NSW 2015, Australia
+61 2 9565 5788


DA said...

Hey 002, Was a pleasure to chat and show you around. Many a mad custom bike has seen its genesis at SMW. 'Triumphant' that you featured a little while ago is a regular. The "Insect Racing Team" of 'retro-fighters' and 100cc road bikes is growing - come to the dark side, be one of us...I'll send you some other photos.

Anonymous said...

Interesting... I recently inherited a 1980-81 Kwaka z1300.. Have her running and registered, might venture SMW's way for the few parts I need, i.e. air filter box lid...

Would also like to get the bike ready for the 1/4 mile... will check 'em out...