Monday, 3 August 2009

Wear your helmet, fool!

Monday's can be pretty mindnumbing. So I was loving the fact it was Shifty's birthday and Doddsy rang me to let me know there's beers at the Courthouse in Newtown to celebrate. Still, only had three Coopers Pale's and decided to be responsible and hit the road. The lights turned green at Cleveland, which is a major arterial, for you out-of-towners. Car lines up beside, and, as is my wont to do, I reach down to grab the wheel arch. Easy. As soon as the speedo hit 50 clicks I look down to see a big pothole in front of the front wheel. This is going to be interesting, methinks. Briefly remember being upside down, then down and out, but not before watching my newly built front wheel go bouncing pefectly down the road and over the wall alongside the school.

Destroyed front forks.
Destroyed helmet.
Front rim is not so great, hopefully WI hub is ok, skewer has disappeared completely. Sorry Joe!
Need to check if the frame is still straight.

Poor Lady Cop. She never did any bad to me.



Jewlz Downunder said...

If you wanted that new 02 helmet, you coulda just said! Glad you are in one piece - but bloody hell! Brad's gonna miss Lady Cop all over again! :-(

Dan said...

Shit man! That looks nasty, glad it sounds like you're ok.

If the drivers don't kill us the streets themselves will try their darnedest!

the projectivist said...

it's a good thing that you have such a hard head, isn't it? and a stubborn one too, by the looks.

hope there wasn't too much blood and that none of your arms or legs were lost in the process.

schmadzie said...

You alright?

Anonymous said...

thought you retired, grew up and got sensible? glad you're ok bro, i say blame shifty, bloody little troublemaker.