Monday, 28 September 2009

Number one with a bullet, baby

Okay, so I'm building up the Conti as a single speed, ENO rear hub, Phil Wood BB and everything else Campy. Rosso corsa Deep Vs, and a Selle Italia Novus Ferrari saddle. So all red and polished chrome. Now what to do about the upholstery: I'm thinking 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California, straight outta Ferris. I'd like to run aero Campy levers with white hoods which'd go nicely with the honey Brooks tape... But my previous experience with the honey is that it tends to fade over time and turn very blonde. Thanks Fyxomatosis! Comments welcome!

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Dan said...

I see where you're going with the honey, but the issue of fade you mentioned, plus the grimy factor would put me off it. Unless you were to colour match the seat in red I'd opt for black or white, white has the same issues, so black gets my vote.