Sunday, 11 October 2009

Speak to me of your inner charm

My apologies for the blurry photos but my hands were shaking too much with excitement. One half of the men behind Deus, Rod Hunwick's personal 50cc engined bicycle, done right. Top tube converted into petrol tank, Brooks saddle and still awaiting completion! Hopefully Carby will add his personal touch to it. Can't wait to see where this ends up. I cringe whenever I see (and hear) these engines roar past, they sound even worse than a scooter, and the last one I saw, the rider had his pet cockatiel clutching onto his shoulder. Usually reserved for cyclists that did a little too much acid in the sixties, it has taken forerunners like the Hell On Wheels boys to DO IT PROPER, if Rod is taking an interest, it's going to be the start of something big. K Rees is gonna love this!

Last three images via Atomic Antiques.

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Dan said...

Just found I still had this tab open. Love the fuel tank mod!