Monday, 22 March 2010

Click clock, find your own way to stay

I've just been paying my respects at the houses of the holy: fyxomatosis has posted these portraits and details of the second most gorgeous frame ever welded BRAISED together (sorry, but my heart belongs to another). This Euro Sport has exactly the same crimped tubeset as my beloved Conti, and I've only ever come across another marque that utilised this technique, a Titan. Immaculate build, Andy, and stupendous photography, once again! CANNOT WAIT to get the Contessa back on the road!


Adam said...

For crying out loud. It's an amazing bike but for such a bike nerd you should know that lugged frames are not welded, they're brazed. BIG difference.

DoubleOhTwo said...

Come on Ad! I'm a Bike nerd not a Weld nerd! What's the difference between welding and brazing?

How's about that? You learn something new every day!