Thursday, 3 June 2010

Everybody keeps on talking about it, nobody's getting it done

Lord knows I've always had a thing for slender Italians, so it's no surprise that I experienced a slight tension and tingle when Fyxomatosis Andy posted these pics as a teaser of the red Pinarello he and Dan from Shifterbikes have recently built up to their usual high level of quality. Head over to Fyx TV and scope it out, well worth it. And if that got your blood and desire levels up, Pony Bikes has a blue Pinny in immaculate condition built up as a single speed which is up for sale at the amazing price of AU$800. If you're in Melbourne, drop into Sasha's shop at 87 Capel Street or check out the other photos on her blog! Someone make it your own before my guilty hand drops down my wallet...

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