Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Send a sub-sonic signal through the snot in the middle

CAme across these incredible creations on the L'Ecurie blog... Amazing! Especially like the Gulf themed bike, and the 'Nago's not half bad neither! Just trying to come up with some more info on the gig. Anyone?

EDIT: Thanks Scorch for leaving a comment yesterday, these are Pride Kustoms entries for the First International Custom Bikes Convention, held in Kiev. More info on the convention here and also check out Pride's website here! Cheers Scorch!

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scorch said...

Hi. These are the shots from First International Custom Bikes Convention "SBU 2010", held in Kiev, Ukraine, a little while ago by Kiev's custom bike club Pride Kustoms. Check out more info about convention here (don't forget to google translate), and Pride Kustoms web-site here