Sunday, 8 February 2009

Moto Guzzi X Surly

Found these shots on Flickr while I was researching On-One Mary bars. More here. Thinking about getting a set for the Lady Cop, when I was doing the Cannonball Run the regular Azonic risers nearly did my wrists in, and the Marys would have felt like a more natural position.

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Anonymous said...

Also check out the SURLY "Open Bar" and the SOMA "Clarence Bar" - they are basically total rip-offs of the ON ONE "Mary Bar" - but I got the SOMA for under forty bucks, and I like the logos better.

The whole reason for my search was in fact exactly what you portray here, the motorcycle ergonomics. My bike will finally "hold" the same as my motorbike. Cool. Thanks for sharing.