Tuesday, 25 August 2009

One for the trouble, two for the time

Motoyan's photographic documentary of Tokyo and his work as a messenger and motorcyclist is as prolific as cherry blossoms, and the images he provides give me continual inspiration to get to Tokyo and experience all of the sights for for myself. Especially on a bicycle or motorcycle! I especially love bikes with skate stickers on them! Thank you Motoyan! NO FUTURE TOKYO!!!


motoyan said...

Thank you for all the time you put my pics on your web, man!
I am very glad you like my pics!
That means you like my friends and our bikes! Thank you! Thank you!

DoubleOhTwo said...

Motoyan, yes, your pics show a window to Tokyo and your friends and your bikes that I wish I could see very soon! I wish I was going to Tokyo for CMWC so I could ride and maybe meet you, but not also to ride bicycles but also motorbikes. That party on the weekend looked like fun!