Sunday, 31 January 2010

Well the hills are pretty and rollin', but the thorn is sharp and swollen

Last night was the Super Mario Track alleycat, presented by Le Pista Resistance. These rides are just going from strength to strength, it's so encouraging to see so many riders turning up, last night there was about 70 Sydney cyclists. I'm sure there would be more if there wasn't such a stupid prejudice about these rides being fixed only. One fact I am continually becoming aware of is that Sydney is not a cycling friendly city. Try riding it, you'll find out. So it's important to encourage the community and not be biased against about what you're riding or what other people are riding. To quote Sable & Argent, 'Anyone on two wheels is a friend'. Come along to the next one, leave your hate at home and just have a fun night with people who love to ride!
Thanks to Lewis and the LPR crew for organising, the sponsors, the checkpoints, the Cricketers Arms, Jewelz for taking the snaps and above all the riders for coming along.
Get over to the Le Pista Resistance BLOG for Emma's excellent review of the night, too.


Dave said...

Great photos!

Dan said...

Looks like an awesome night! Great shot of you and Jewelz floating around too (C/C or La Pista)

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